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  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Writing productivity coach and co-founder of Prolifiko. https://prolifiko.com/

  • J-Philippe CUNNIET

    J-Philippe CUNNIET

    Formateur Big Data, Marketing prédictif, Curieux www.linkedin.com/in/jcunniet

  • that designer

    that designer

    Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer and Illustrator from the UK, now based in Sydney. The views expressed here are my own, obviously.

  • Lee Nicholls

    Lee Nicholls

    Studio Producer @NearNow. Ex-@GameCity. Freelance digital & events production. Into games, music, tech, and other creative nonsense.

  • Karyn Lu

    Karyn Lu

    made in china

  • Kat Bak (they/them)

    Kat Bak (they/them)

    Designer, illustrator, writer. Non-binary, queer. Co-founder @tgdintech

  • Rickey Choi

    Rickey Choi

    Music-늘 함께 하는 것 /Photo-죽을때까지 하고싶은 것 /Change Driver-가치를 느끼고 싶은 것 /C&D-의미있으리라 생각하는 것 /想像異想-이루어내기 위한 자세 /Traveling-많이 감동하기

  • Olivia Höwing

    Olivia Höwing

    Management Graduate | Technology Enthusiast | Diversity Advocate

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