Happy Trans Visibility Day. Also, can we stop doing this now?

tea uglow
2 min readMar 30, 2021


No one should be celebrating trans woman today. Celebrate us as women, celebrate our achievements, everyday, any day but not one day dedicated to making the atypical quality of our foetal gestation visible.
This day is the worst.

There is no honour or pride, no shame or crime in the social stigma we carry. We cannot wash it away, only society can do that, [this means you] by affirming trans identities, allowing them self-determination and leaving them alone. Unfortunately the harder part ignoring the bilious nonsense that is puffed out in our direction like some cheap mall eau de parfum.

On transgender day of visibility a select few present ourselves as offerings to the public obsession with our bodies.

We give succour to those that wish to limit our rights, or reduce our status, or debate how existential is the threat that we present to children in bathrooms.

We parade in deferent imitation of the radical left, because marching has achieved so much in the twenty-first century. We raise our slogans “Please ignore trans people!” and we sing our siren song: “‘’Scuse me. Scuse me. Person of no particular interest, coming through. Thanks”

Read about why marching is depressing here:🏳️‍⚧️ https://www.instagram.com/p/CM8--uvh6Bf

#trans #transisbeautiful #translivesmatter

We offer ourselves as visible trans in the same ritual subjugation that we have known for millennia so that we might get what we truly wish for: 364 days of transgender invisibility and disinterest and safety.

We demand, in our day of visibility, the same invisibility that your more common gender orientation assumes.

Transgender people wish to be allowed to live the same lives as they would in denial, to have the same security of their rights, to unconsciously expect the same privileges that you do. Most of all we wish to not have to think of ourselves as improper, different, atypical or unwanted. We want to be able to turn off and not to be afraid. To be passed over, or to pass. Either, any.

Happy Pesach by the way.

It is the most awful thing to know that to secure our future privacy we must parade ourselves like this publicly demanding nothing more than your average cis person would take without blinking.

I hope the day will not last the decade.




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