Mashable asked me about Transphobia in the UK press. Here’s the whole thread.

  1. Mainly the volume of stories that relate to such a small percentage of the population. Nearly three stories a day, every day, all year (from only 9 sources) is just not normal. It’s not a news cycle. It’s a campaign.
  2. The absence of trans voices - mainly because our trusted voices no longer trust the press to report them, or to protect them. Munroe Bergdorf is a classic case, but she is far from being alone.
  3. The question of who is being silenced. This is interesting because ‘gender critical’ or ‘trans-exclusionary’ voices are clearly not silenced in the popular media; where they probably are silenced is in the area of policy: in legal and health discussions. This is the domain of expertise, PHD’s and decades of rigorous research by underpaid academics - and in those spaces yes, I’d imagine the arguments of these voices have been heard, discussed and dismissed. In that way it is very similar to climate change or immigrant bashing. The only oxygen remaining for these flames is via the free press, the fourth estate. Hence ‘Yours sincerely, the fourth estate
Ironic, non?
“Oh wait, you’re serious. Let me laugh even harder.” — Bender.



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tea uglow

tea uglow

[‘Tea’, like the drink.] I work for Google on atypical creative projects, and talk about doubt, reality, diversity, and biscuits.