Racial Injustice is a Social Injustice

What causes Social Injustice?

graphic protest poster — red fist raised with ND symbol next to text that reeds Black Disabled Lives Matter
#BlackDisabledLivesMatter protest graphics by Jen White-Johnson @jtknoxroxs

Black Lives Matter, because Black people get killed.

The word ‘Black’ is essential here. All Lives Matter deletes the context of the complaint. Sometimes a label is necessary. Often unnecessary, Normally we don’t notice.

  • If you aren’t using ‘Brunette’ then don’t use Ginger, or Blonde.
  • If you aren’t using ‘White’ you won’t need Black or Brown.
  • If you aren’t using ‘Christian or Atheist’ you won't need Muslim or Jewish or Sikh...
  • If you aren’t using ‘Straight-sized’ you don’t need Plus-sized. or Fat. or Huge.
  • you aren’t using ‘Abled’ you might not actually need Disabled.
  • If your age isn’t important, then no one else should be Young or Old.
  • If you wouldn’t use ‘Cis’ you shouldn’t need Trans.
  • If you wouldn’t use ‘Allistic’ you won’t want Autistic.
  • If you wouldn’t use ‘Partnered’ you don’t need Single, Poly, Divorced, or Widowed.
  • If you wouldn’t use ‘Heterosexual’, why point out the Gays, the Lesbians, or Bisexuals?
  • If you wouldn’t use ‘a Man’ you don’t need to share that she’s a Woman.

[‘Tea’, like the drink.] I work for Google on atypical creative projects, and talk about doubt, reality, diversity, and biscuits.

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